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Busy Bees 

What is the UPC?
What are the benefits of UPC membership?
What do UPC members Do ?
Who can join the UPC?
How do we join the UPC?

What is the UPC?

The UPC is dedicated to sponsoring programs and activities on campus for the children and families of HKUST staff in order  to create and maintain a great environment for growing and learning.

The UPC's goal is to have the activities it sponsors reflect both the culture in which the university is located and the cultural diversity of the community members.

UPC programs (some examples):

Busy Bees - The On-Campus Kindergarten
  • A bilingual (Putonghua and English) Cooperative kindergarten
  • Located  in Tower 18
  • Open to children aged 2 years and 8 months to 5 years
  • UPC Sponsored Events (some examples)

    What are the benefits of UPC membership?

    What does a UPC member do?
    The roles a UPC member can play are: inactive, semi-active, and active.
    Inactive role: Semi-active role:
    Active role:
    Who can join the UPC
    All members of the University community are welcome to join the UPC.
    How do we join the UPC?

    Following the Hong Kong Societies Ordinance, participation in fee based UPC activities is contingent on membership in the UPC.

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